Hotel Sky denies it is for sale

Hotel Sky has “categorically” denied claims that its Sandton and Cape Town hotels are for sale, despite claims from property broker Ashleigh Müller to the contrary.

On Monday morning, Müller – who regularly publishes information about the sales of commercial properties across the country – tweeted that the Hotel Sky in Sandton, Johannesburg is for sale. In her tweet, she said the Hotel Sky in Cape Town is also for sale.

Hotel Sky Sandton was previously an office block. “This building conversion was under construction during Covid-19 when I got the opportunity to walk through the site,” she said.

“Without seeing the final product, I thought the model of providing a 5-star hotel at 2-star prices could potentially work.”

“Hotel Sky in Cape Town was also an office block conversion into a 540-room hotel. This hotel is also for sale,” said Müller.

According to the hotel’s website, Hotel Sky Sandton is the “jewel in the crown of Africa’s business hub”.

The hotel has 453 rooms and offers conference venues, restaurants, bars and other facilities. The Hotel Sky in Cape Town is larger, with 540 rooms in a 29-storey building.

The Sandton hotel has also incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its offerings by having AI-powered robots that act as a concierge to guests, making it one of the first Africa to do so.

However, soon after the tweet was sent out, Hotel Sky sent out a press release denying that it was for sale.

“Hotel Sky, the iconic luxury hotel known for its unparalleled hospitality and breath-taking experiences, has issued a firm statement in response to recent speculations surrounding the property’s availability,” it said. 

“Contrary to a Twitter post made by property broker Ashely Müller. Hotel Sky categorically asserts that it is not for sale.”

The company said it would like to “set the record straight and reassure everyone that it remains a cherished, independent establishment committed to delivering exceptional service and unforgettable memories”.

Hotel Sky spokesperson Paul Kelley said, “We want to reassure [stakeholders] and the public that Hotel Sky is not on the market”.

“We remain fully devoted to delivering extraordinary experiences, ensuring that every guest feels pampered and cherished during their stay,” he said.

On Monday afternoon, Müller tweeted that she had been threatened with legal action following her earlier tweet.

She asserted that, before publishing any comment on her social media accounts, she dedicates a significant amount of time to conduct thorough fact-checking. 

“I possess official documentation relating to the sale and marketing of properties that I tweet about, which encompasses correspondence, financial statements, and authorized marketing material,” said Müller. 

“While I have deemed it unnecessary to disclose this information, I want to assure you of its existence.”

Daily Investor reached out to Müller for comment but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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