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Mac drives next-generation performance, enhancing business success

Working smarter and going faster are prerequisites to success in today’s business environments. Achieving this while stressing less is the ultimate goal. What’s needed is secure technology that allows teams to multitask across devices while running crucial business apps without disruption, on a battery that lasts all day*.

Thankfully, Mac does that.  

This business solution offers true return on investment – both financially and in proven efficiencies. Using Apple at work drives proficiency on all fronts. Imagine working on multiple projects at speed all day, experiencing zero interruptions from load shedding. These are only some of the features that make Mac the smart choice for discerning businesses.

Add to this Mac’s level of compatibility with the full Microsoft suite, Google Workspace, and Outlook apps, and businesses now have the software they need to get the job done. Software should drive streamlined operations, helping to run the business seamlessly. Mac does that.

Whether creating a spreadsheet on Excel, a new client presentation on PowerPoint, or driving enhanced CRM on Salesforce, Mac’s software is up to the task.  

This compatibility extends to continuity, with Mac and iPhone working together flawlessly. Employees enjoy an enriched work experience, easily transferring data between devices – it’s as simple as a basic cut and paste, empowering users to hand off an open document on their iPhone directly to their Mac – finding one device with the other, syncing edits, continuing conversations, or using an iPhone as a webcam.

Mac does that. Designed to complement each other, iPhone and Mac drive efficiency, productivity, and ease of use whether in the office or at home.

Unfortunately, the current electricity crisis has had a devastating effect on productivity across the South Africa. What businesses need is the power to work on the go, without interruption, regardless of whether they can plug in to charge their devices.

For true efficiency, employees need all-day battery life to get business done. Mac does that.  With Mac, teams can go non-stop on a single charge for up to 22 hours on MacBook Pro 16.

Efficiency is only part of the equation. Security is paramount. Ensuring the safety of business data requires tech with built-in features like hardware-verified secure boot, touch ID, Gatekeeper, and on-the-fly encryption. Mac does that.

It is the secure choice for businesses, from the moment the box is opened and for the duration of its lifespan. Add to this its compatibility with the security tools already in the business’ arsenal, and security compliance is guaranteed.

With the peace of mind that security is handled, businesses can emphasise performance. The right tech will empower employees to work faster with instant start-up, free management up to focus on running the business more efficiently and embolden multitasking at speed. Mac does that.

Driving this performance is Mac’s next-generation M2 chip. With it, Mac users effortlessly meet deadlines. The unified memory architecture of Apple silicon delivers fast, fluid multitasking – adding another dimension to business performance. Mac does that.

High-performing teams need technology that they can rely on. Another feature that makes Mac a smart investment for businesses is its value retention, durability, and ease of management.

IT support teams across the globe seek out technology that is easy to manage and generates fewer support tickets to resolve. Mac does that. Known as the “easiest computer to manage” Mac offers faster setup, fewer support calls, and greater IT value across the board.

Rounding out Mac’s value is the full service offering provided by the expert iStore Business team. Delivering superior service to businesses running on Mac, the team effectively helps customers harness the power of Apple – including special offers with preferential pricing, business rental deals, cellular contracts, finance options, Buy & Try solutions, trade in offerings, and free tech audits. Enriched support solutions give users access to unwavering, simplified device deployment and management.

Add to this iStore Business’ robust financing solutions, and every business can have access to all that Mac does. Its business rental programme gives businesses the power to equip their teams with the best technology has to offer.

Intuitive technology is simple and easy to deploy, with the power to be configured automatically. Efficiency demands doing more with less. Managing Apple devices – even at the largest scale – eliminates the need for manual configuration, reducing costs, and further driving productivity. It’s easy. Powerful. Amazing. Mac does that.

For more information on what Mac can do for you, please contact us.

*Battery life varies by use and configuration. See for more information.


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